Salted/Smoked Herring Fillets

  • Locally caught Atlantic Herring FAO 21
  • Caught and processed in late summer
  • Smoked in State of the art Mechanical Kilns to your specifications
  • Available in 10 Ib waxed carton or vacuum packed


Choice Bloaters (whole), Split, or Headless

  • Locally caught Atlantic Herring (FAO 21)
  • Fresh Herring is salted immediately and cured in Salt Brine
  • Smoked the traditional way - 4 to 6 weeks in smoke house
  • Available in 18 Ib wood box/25 Ib carton



Salted/Smoked Silver Herring
English Style

  • Selected choice Herring from the cold Atlantic waters
  • Frozen prior to smoking into mechanical kilns
  • Excellent textrure and Flavour - High in protein
  • Stored in a temperature controlled environment
  • Shipped in regrigerated containers world wide
  • Government inspected
  • Available in 7 kg wooden, foam, cardboard boxes and 50 Ibs pails


Salted/Smoked Golden Herring
Dutch Style

  • Fresh caught Atlantic Herring (FAO 21)
  • Salted immediately and fully cured in Salt Brine
  • Prior to smoking, fish is slightly desalted and graded as to size and quality
  • The whole Herring is then strung on rods and smoked to golded color in our "State of the Art" mechanical kilns
  • Available in 7 kg (15 Ib) wood box or individually vacuum packed
  • Product is stored in temperature controlled environment and shipped in refrigerated containers worldwide


Pickled Back -Split Mackerel

  • Locally caught Atlantic Mackerel (FAO 21)
  • Fresh Mackerel is salted immediately and cured in Salt Brine
  • Available in 50 Ib pail or vacuum packed (2 fish per pouch)
  • Shipped in 20 Ib case 


Alewive (Gaspereau) Dry Packed

  • Caught locally in late spring / early summer
  • Fresh Alewives are salted immediately and cured in brine
  • Available either dry packed in salt or pickled
  • Sealed in 30 Ib plastic pails


Herring Roe & Frozen Smelts also available.